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Fresh news on Scotland!

The cause of all this rain has been identified...

Heard from a local: it's the jetstream's fault! Apparently, according to well documented local people, all this rain is to be blamed on a jetstream..of what, who knows?!?!?!
To be very clear: we did not plan a 14 days trip to Scotland without checking the weather!!!! we just couldn't imagine it can be that bad!
...weather forecast said: "in august the probability of rainy weather is higher than the one of very dry weather"
The dilemma now is: blue or red raincoat?
Starting to seriously evaluate the possibility of renting a boat instead of a car...some days are still left until The Day, though!

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Booked the trip to Scotland

Just booked the tickets to Scotland...early this morning. 1 hour later, a colleague told me: "You couldn't have chosen a much worse time to go: It's the worst summer in the last century, it's too much rain even for Scotland!"

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